Some degree of attenuation can be attained by natural factors, such as divergence, directivity, air absorption, and duct configurations. Further sound control, however, must be obtained through the use of adequate silencers.

Silencers normally contain one or more passages which are lined with sound absorbing materials, incorporated in structures that protect them from erosion from air flow. To attenuate low frequency sounds, thick baffles widely spaced should be employed for optimal performance; whereas for high frequency sounds, the best absorption is obtained by using thin baffles closely spaced. Middle frequency sounds can be absorbed by both thick and thin baffles, but intermediate thickness baffles are more desirable. Increased attenuation, at times, may be achieved by incorporating bends or elbows into the silencer.

Silencers should be as short in length as possible, consistent with reasonable cross sectional areas and pressure drop. These aerodynamic considerations mean that silencers must permit airflow of the gas turbine unit to continue unhampered.

Eckel Silencers

Eckel Silencers are custom engineered to provide:

  • optimum acoustic performance
  • superior aerodynamic characteristics
  • long useful lifetime
  • field erection without special equipment
  • easy maintenance

TEC silencers incorporate baffles designed to provide maximum attenuation with a minimum pressure drop. Streamlined noses and tails on each baffle enhance performance. And, the sound absorbing material used in the exhaust baffles will stand up under continuous, high-temperature operation. Positive retention of baffles, with allowance for expansion and contraction is obtained through use of interior guide channels.

The heavy gauge steel casings, designed for a 15 year life, are complete with lifting lugs, support feet to suit customer requirements, and drilled flanges for mating to customer's duct work. The all-welded construction eliminates the chance of damage from mechanically joined parts vibrating loose. Various types of coatings are available for protection against corrosion.

Our patented modular construction of the silencers simplifies transportation, installation, and maintenance.