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1   Link   Microsoft`s Anechoic Chamber
Erica Naone visited Microsoft’s anechoic chamber while touring their new research building in Redmond, WA. The chamber “a room… built to suppress echoes” is used in microphone and loudspeaker research. She writes about her visit in Technology Review.
2   Link   Acoustic Comfort
The acoustical environment of a workspace is typically given little or no attention during project planning and design. The functionality and aesthetics of the workspace are usually the primary focus of the designer.
3   Link   Acoustic Satisfaction in Open-Plan Offices
Open-plan offices lack walls and doors. Although one common assumption has been that such a design would encourage communication between co-workers, it has become apparent that the primary source of discomfort for occupants of the open-plan office environment is unwanted sound.
4   Link   The Quietest Place on Earth - Orfield Labs
The Guinness Book of World Records has awarded the distinction of the "Quietest Place on Earth" to Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota, thanks to Eckel Acoustic Products.
5   Link   The Anechoic Chamber
The Regents of the University of California
6   Link   McIntosh Anechoic Chamber
McIntosh Anechoic Chamber

7   Link   Meyer Sound Anechoic Chamber
Meyer Sound Anechoic Chamber
8   Link   University of Louisville
Eckel Anechoic Chamber - University of Louisville Psychology Lab - Dr. Pavel Zahorik
9   Link   Uconn Acoustics Lab.
Inside an echo-free room - known as an anechoic chamber - at the UConn Health Center 's new acoustics laboratory, it is so quiet that you can hear blood flowing through your ears.


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